We all grow out of old ways, we are currently migrating to our new client support desk and we are pretty excited, Freshdesk will be the new way we do things around here.

Here are some of the benefits,

- Live status checking of ticket.

- Active online portal to track.

- Easy Warranty/Change of mind claims.

- More information and over all updates.

- Better Response times.

- Allow us to add more superstar staff.

+ Much more.

All support questions? support@wyldhome.com.au

All made to order custom designs custom@wyldhome.com.au

As the team are learning this new powerful tool, please note emails maybe a little delayed this week at times. We appreciate your understanding as we make these changes. This will also allow extra benefits of phone support in the coming month/s.

Our online knowledge base is being migrated also.

Thanks always for your support