There’s been no surprise since covid happened the world has changed, this impact has fallen onto businesses of every time, well everyone. PRE-SALE items can at times be delayed and we try our best with the estimated time frame. Don’t worry! We got you in the event of delays.

Here’s a little more information:

⁃ Manufacturing stopped (Multiple Times)
⁃ Containers stuck at depots (not returned)
⁃ International flights cancelled meaning companies could not move eg iPhones via airlines like they normally would resulting in them using containers
⁃ Covid outbreaks of ships
⁃ Multiple port stops, isolation at sea
⁃ Catch up on outstanding orders
⁃ There is scarcity of empty container in Malaysia.

These are not just limited too above and all industries are impacted. There’s a lot of factors impacting the world of importing currently where deadlines are falling out that are estimated, Port delays on clearance is also extend from days to weeks where for example they are checking more goods than ever for medial supply’s also. It’s such a challenging event which has rocked us personally last year and flow on effect this year. We work with a lot of small business suppliers also they are being impacted heavily

We want the Normality to return! We are in consistent contact with all our suppliers and go off the information they provide us for estimates. I completely understand delayed items can be frustrating and I do apologise again for this. Currently the approx. eta is still sitting at a few weeks away- I want to be completely transparent with you, please keep in mind this is a guideline, theres a chance it could come sooner but there is also a risk it could be delayed more. Option wise i can:

1- Make a note to contact you in a couple weeks and if item is still delayed then refund you.
2- If theres another model of similar value that you like i can swap you to it.
3- If you would rather not wait i can cancel your order and refund you.